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Desk Yoga - focus on shoulders, back, and neck - Mouse Pad | Chair Yoga | Office Yoga | Yoga Poses | Work From Home Yoga

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Created to enhance anyone’s online browsing and gaming experience, these personalized mousepads come packed with style and comfort. Thanks to the rubber base, your mouse pad has a firm grip on the desk, while your design goes on the stain-resistant cloth top side. With a 1/16th” thickness, you’ll find this mouse pad delivers smooth mouse sliding action for both working and playing.\n.: One shape: Rectangular\n.: Material: Durable, high-density foam with an ultra-thin rubber base\n.: 1/16" (1.58 mm) thick\n.: One-sided print

While working hard and long hours, we sometimes forget to take care of our health and body. Desk Yoga and Chair Yoga is a helpful tool to make us feel and live healthier lives. This Desk Yoga poster is designed for people who struggle with shoulders, back, and neck pain to feel better throughout their day. All you need is to take a few minutes out of your day!

Let this Mouse Pad remind yourself or loved ones to take care of your body.

— Disclaimer —-
This print is not medical advice or a treatment plan. Consult with your healthcare professional if you have serious pain and issues. Use this print at your sole risk.

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