Simple Carpal Tunnel Exercises for Hand and Wrist Pain

Simple Carpal Tunnel Exercises for Hand and Wrist Pain

Here are easy-to-do hand and wrist exercises - great for people who experience tight hands and wrists, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. If you experience pain, take a break or skip over the exercise. For a few of these exercises, a small ball like a baseball or tennis ball will be useful. Please follow along at your own comfort level and listen to your body.



1.Squeeze and Release

Simply make a fist, squeeze your fingers together and release.

squeeze and release stretch for carpal tunnel

2. Pinch and Release

All 5 of our fingers will touch with force and release.

pinch and release exercise on carpal tunnel

3. Finger Taps

First, we’ll tap all fingers with our thumb, and then we’ll slide our thumb from the tip to the bottom of our fingers.

finger taps carpal tunnel stretch

4. Wrist Flexion & Wrist Extension

With your arms straight out, hold and gently pull one of your hands back. Flip your hand over for a Wrist Extension.


wrist flexion stretch carpal tunnel syndrome

5. Radial Deviation and Ulnar Deviation

We’ll want to keep our arm straight with our palm facing out and turn our hands inside and out.

radial deviation ulnar deviation carpal tunnel syndrome

6. Pronation and Supination

Keeping our arms straight we will make a fist and rotate our wrists clockwise and counterclockwise. Go to where you feel comfortable.

pronation and supination carpal tunnel syndrome

7. Tilt Down

Now let’s grab that small ball. First, we want to grab the ball, extend your arm and tilt the ball down.

tilt down with ball for carpal tunnel

8. Tilt-Up

Same thing as the last exercise but we’ll now tilt up. These exercises are great to strengthen your wrists.

hand holding ball and tilting up for carpal tunnel syndrome

9. Squeeze Ball

Squeeze a small ball nice and tight, and release.

hand squeezing ball for carpal tunnel syndrome and hand and wrist pain

5 Minute Hands and Wrists Exercises

Follow along in this video and do some simple hands and wrist exercises that are great for people who experience pain in their wrists, and hands.

- Disclaimer -

This video is not medical advice or a treatment plan. Consult with your healthcare professional if you have serious pain and issues. Use this video at your sole risk.

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